Apex Legends Mobile Wins Best Game And Users’ Choice At Google Play Awards

After taking home Apple’s iPhone Game Of The Year award earlier this week, Apex Legends Mobile has continued its win streak, taking home two awards at last night’s Google Play’s Best Of 2022 Awards. Apex Mobile won both the Best Game and Users’ Choice awards, knocking aside competition like Diablo Immortal and Rocket League Sideswipe.

The wins aren’t too surprising given the massive hype surrounding the game upon its release, with over 15 million players pre-registering ahead of launch. Earlier this week, Apex Mobile’s latest mid-season update, Underworld, went live, bringing a fear-inducing fan-favorite to the mobile game in the form of Revenant: a reanimated, robotic hitman the game’s character selection screen simply describes as an “undead nightmare.”

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